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Pristy Utils

Pristy Utils is a suite to improve the performance of your PC
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Pristy Utils is a suite of applications that will help you to improve the performance of your PC. The program shows you a very simple interface that gives you access to the seven utilities included in the suite. "System PowerDown" is a tool that lets you schedule your system´s power down, reboot, sleep, log off and lock desktop. "Web Assistant" will let you search for a given key in several web browsers. The program will open different tabs in your browser, each one with a different search engine (Ask, Cuil, Exalead, Google, Live Search, Wikia Search and Yahoo!). You will be able to select other search engines from the drop-down categorized lists (Web Search, Database, News, Services). "PC Detector" will look up and show the information about your system´s hardware, such as CPU processor, display devices, audio devices, RAM, network devices, data storage and I/O devices. "Vista Booster" includes several optimization setting to speedup your system when running Windows Vista. "Memory Cleaner" shows you how much memory are you using, how much memory is free, and lets you free up RAM in order to use it with your applications. "File Wipeout" lets you erase unused and temporarily files. "Desktop Clock" lets you put an enhanced clock in your desktop, with detailed information about current time, date and CPU speed.

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